Wednesdays for Water
June 7, 2023, at 5.00 pm IST
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: Climate Impact, risk uneven due to uneven society, are mediated by non-climatic factors

Save Water, Save Life

Earth is the only planet in the solar system which has extensive water resources. 71% of the earth’s surface area is occupied by water. For this reason, it is known as the Blue Planet. The only reason why life persists on Earth is because of the presence of both freshwater and seawater in it. Water is very essential for survival of the human race. Of the 71% of water, only a small portion is available for drinking. Thus it is crucial to saving water. Water should be conserved because the supply is less; the requirement is increasing with the increasing population. The quantity is limited, whereas the demand is unlimited. For the community to not outrun the amount of water available, water must be used very carefully. Saving water is very much needed to save life on Earth.

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