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Water Conversation towards

Water Conservation

WforW Foundation is a Think Tank built as a Citizen Collective thriving on hope and trust and facilitating water conversations on the information and knowledge available on the water matters through various ways of communication and collaborations with the water enthusiasts with an aim to work collectively towards water conservation.

W.for.W is abbreviated from we.for.water, water.for.world, world.for.water, wisdom.for.water, worries.for.water,  women.for.water, water.for.women, and more aspects of water.

We organize talks, special courses, walks, workshops, seminars, conference panels, publications to continue the water conversation in various possible ways, besides take up consultancy, research, and advisory around various social-ecological-technological-institutional aspects embedded in the water management and governance.

The online sessions namely, Wednesdays.for.Water, Friday.Waters (Water Talkies, Book Reading, Theses Club, Water Arts) and Monday Munching/ Musing with Women.for.Water, are attempts to continue the conversations.

Institutions over time

Individuals over time

Mansee Bal Bhargava

Fawzia Tarannum

Bibhu Prasad Nayak

Ganesh Shankar

Rajiv Shah

Megha Gupta

Vasantha Subbiah

Harshita Sehgal

Monica Tewari

Garbhit Naik

Anubhuti Shekhar

Rajkumari Sunita Devi

Anuja Bali

Vishal Narain

Ekta Gupta

Vandana Tripathi

Ranjan Panda

Kalpana Patel

Alka Palrecha

Garima Poonia

Parth Patel

Tejendra Patel

Shubhangi Rai

Ankita Tiwari

Gautamee Baviskar

Manisha Sharma

Srinivas M R